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Commercial Pilot Certificate
Single-Engine Add-On

Commercial Pilot Certificate (Single-Engine Add-On) Package Details:
15 Hours Single-Engine Aircraft Rental (Includes Checkride)
15 Hours Flight Instruction (Dual)
15 Hours Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Briefings
Commercial Pilot Training Materials Access during training period
View Limiting Device access during training period
FAA Publications Access during training period
Foreflight Access during training period

Note: Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) Fee will be owed by you, paid directly to the Flight Examiner during your Checkride
Prerequisites for Package Price**:
iPad with GPS
Commercial Pilot Certificate Multi-Engine
Instrument Rating
Flight Training Locations & Scheduling:
Daytona Beach International Airport, Florida: KDAB
1st 90 Day Program: February, March & April 2016
2nd 90 Day Program: October, November & December 2016
Steven A. Bean Municipal Airfield, Rangeley, Maine: 8B0
90 Day Program: June, July, August 2016

Training is offered Monday through Saturday at both locations
Fast-Track Option available for this course
The Commercial Pilot Certificate Add-On package is a self-study program for the Aircraft Systems, Flows, Checklists, Limitations, Immediate Action Items, Commercial FAR/AIM, Advanced Physiology & Psychology, Commercial Pilot Single-Pilot Resource Management, Advanced Aerodynamics, Complex Aircraft Transition, Commercial Maneuvers, Environmental & Ice Control Systems, Aviation Weather-Thunderstorms-Turbulence, ATC Procedures-Communications-Clearances, Aircraft Instruments, Advanced Navigation, FAA Written and Oral exams.

*Custom designed ground school training classes are available with our Core Instructors for individuals that prefer a structured tutorial environment for ALL or PART of the areas listed under the self-study program section (additional cost based on individual needs are billed at our hourly rate).

**Package Rate based upon applicants's ability to perform/complete Commercial Pilot Course Lesson Plans satisfactorily within the allotted time. While 90% of Daytona Jets' applicants complete the course on time and on budget, occasionally an applicant needs additional instruction or chooses to add flight hours for their personal comfort level/goals (additional cost based on individual needs are billed at our hourly rate).
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