• A Pro Instrument Instruction

Instrument Proficiency Check | IPC $298.00**

Instrument Proficiency Check Base Package Details:
1 Hour Flight Review Course Customization
1.5 Hours Ground Instruction/Review
2 Hours Flight Instruction/Review
2 Hour Flight does not include Aircraft Rental
1.0 Hours Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Briefings
IPC Training Materials Access during training period
FAA Publications Access during training period
Your own Aircraft or Aircraft Rental
Current Sectional(s), Plates & A/FD or Foreflight
Private Pilot Certificate (minimum)
Third Class Medical or Higher
Completion Certificate for IPC Preparation Course*
Passing score on IFR Test
Test given by Daytona Jets prior to program start
IFR Location & Scheduling:
Daytona Beach International Airport, Florida: KDAB
Steven A. Bean Municipal Airfield, Rangeley, Maine: 8B0

Training is offered Monday through Saturday at both locations
Contact us for availability by location
IPC Combinations for Added $avings:
Combine with a New Endorsement
Combine with an Aircraft Checkout
15% Discount from IPC Base Package will be applied when combined
The Instrument Proficiency Check includes a self-study online preparation course that allows you to review the material at your own pace and focus added attention on particular areas of interest. This course is uniquely customized to each pilot's skill, experience, aircraft and personal flying goals.

Is the Base Package time enough? This varies from pilot to pilot. Someone who flies the same airplane 200 hours every year may not need as much time as someone who has logged only 20 hours since the last flight review. For pilots who have not flown at all for several years, a "rule of thumb" is to plan an additional hour of ground and an additional hour of flight training for every year the pilot has been out of the cockpit.

*Additional ground school training classes are available with our Core Instructors for individuals that prefer a structured tutorial environment (additional cost based on individual needs are billed at our hourly rate).

**Package Rate based upon pilot's ability to perform/complete the IFR cross-country flight plan, weather knowledge, aircraft control skills, aircraft systems knowledge and aeronautical decision-making (ADM) skills satisfactorily to Practical Test Standards (PTS) within the allotted time. While experienced pilot's with recent instrument flight time complete the course on time and on budget, occasionally a student needs additional instruction or chooses to add flight hours for their personal comfort level/goals (additional cost based on individual needs are billed at our hourly rate).

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